Paladin Disability Tax Credit Solutions Inc.  – your Disability Tax Credit Solution

Paladin Tax Credit Solutions Inc.® is a family owned, federally chartered disability tax credit firm whose sole purpose is to assist those with disabilities, located anywhere in Canada, navigate the complex application process for the federal Disability Tax Credit. The Disability Tax Credit is the gateway designation to many federal and provincial disability programs including retroactive tax refunds of up to $ 30,000 to those who qualify.

The professionals at Paladin Disability ® bring decades of medical, legal and tax experience to qualify you and ensure that your Disability Tax Credit application has the best chance for success. In fact, we don’t get paid unless we’re successful!

Paladin Disability ® employs a collaborative approach utilizing a multi-disciplined team of professionals to maximize your Disability Tax Credit application’s chances for success.

Our Medical Liaison is a trained medical professional with the necessary experience to review the relevant medical evidence and liaise with both your attending physician and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our Tax Liaison reviews your tax records and prepares and files retroactive income tax amendments and appropriate transfers of unused tax credits.

Our Legal Advisor is available throughout the application process to address legal issues which pertain to your Disability Tax Credit application as they arise.

Paladin Disability ® also utilizes a proprietary medical/legal database which is customized for each client thereby giving our medical, legal and tax staff access to the most recent medical information, court decisions and bulletins that pertain directly to your specific disability and circumstance.

Contact us toll free 1-800-267-7053 for your eligibility assessment or fill out our free assesment form below.